Discover, meet & create.

What new creators need to /grow.


Why the fake?

Are you tired of being presented with same kind of content that just repeats itself?

Are you tired of just seeing stuff from people that you know or you don’t know… but has nothing to do with you?

Are you tired of all the fake that comes with status quo social networks?

Are you tired of missing some real passion?

Real Passion

In Qooiver we dare you to be true to yourself. Post what you want. Write what gets your blood boiling. Have fun with everything that you actually wanted to have… without caring who will see what you have to say… or what will other people think of it...

Why? Because in Qooiver, we are all about passions and interests… and people understand that it’s not an “online society” of conformity, but a place where people can express their drive and what they really like and care about.


We are the world

It’s a multi-player experience. Other people that are genuinely interested in what you have to share can comment and give you kudos for what you have to say.

You can also see great stuff from other people that is actually meaningful to you.


Let’s shift from fake to real

We care a lot about being authentic and actually posting what you like.

We believe in passion. but sometimes people think of this word like it has to be perfect. That’s why in Qooiver we use the name Interest.

Just pot what you like and what interests you and you are well on your way to passion.

Let’s have some fun!

Qooiver is about old and new friends. We are open. We believe passion has no boundaries, no cultural differences, no gender and no ethnicity. We believe there are thousands of people across the Globe that just want to share with each other true emotions and something to care about.

You can chat with friends and with groups. Make a party! 


A New Age

We are brand new so it’s uncharted territory. 

You can be one of the first stars to shine bright.

Claim your spot, bring your friends and share your true colours of who you really are! 


We welcome co-creation

Our way of creating Qooiver is with people and for people.

We don’t make devious plans to cash out on our friends.

We want to create a place that gives amazing experiences and creates real human bonding.

That’s why we welcome your thoughts and your opinions.

You are what matters to us.

Get started now